Regathering update

Dear Vineyard Family,

Here is the latest on our service schedule.

  Weekend Services

In addition to our Digital Liturgy, we are holding  In-Person services on Sundays at 9:30 am. 

The leadership is regularly reviewing our plans but for now we are not holding a service indoors. So, it may get chilly on Sunday mornings so dress warm, bring a blanket, and feel free to bring a thermos of coffee or tea or hot chocolate. Please note, if on any Sunday the weather prohibits our meeting, we will gather that day online-only. I will try and look ahead and get the word out by Facebook and email so please be watching for that in case we must cancel. 

If you join us for our in-person service, remember to bring the elements for communion and the lyrics for music can be found on our website. Remember, as a way to honor and love one another, masks are expected.



Pastor Chris