partner ministries

  • City Psalms

    City Psalms is a collaborative songwriting and storytelling project by followers of Jesus across our city, composing original music to foster prayer-for and service-to our community, and sharing stories from the local narrative of God's love-for and pursuit-of the people of Tucson.

  • J17 Ministries

    J17 Ministries exists to encourage strategic and prioritized alignment with what Jesus believed was of primary importance. The key to people discovering who He really was and how much God loves them would be our humble, visible, border-less love for one another as His followers.

  • Tucson Refugee ministry

    Tucson RefugeeMinistry educates, equips and mobilizes the church to serve refugees in our community and beyond.

  • GRaduate Christian Fellowship

    The purpose of the Graduate Christian Fellowship is to encourage one another as graduate students to be faithful to Jesus Christ during our graduate studies and to represent Him in an accurate way in our graduate departments.

  • Surge Network

    Surge Network is a movement of local churches putting Jesus on display as we equip servant-leaders to be rooted in the gospel story, sent to bless the world.