Church Government

The Vineyard Christian Community is an elder-led church which places the decision making authority in the church elders. The elders of our church have been granted authority under the headship of Jesus Christ to provide oversight of the church.

We believe that God ordained marriage as a life-long union between one man and one woman and that sexual intimacy is to be experienced and enjoyed only within the covenant of marriage. 


Men and Women


We believe men and women are created in the image of God equally, yet with distinct roles in the family and church. Men and women are called to use their gifts fully in the ministry of the church under the leadership of biblically qualified elders and in accordance with the Word. In the marriage relationship husbands and wives are called to display the Gospel story of Christ laying down his life for his bride the church and the church respectfully submitting to Christ.  As such, husbands are called to sacrificially love their wives as the head of their home, while the wife is called to respectfully submit to her husband. For a complete statement, follow the above link.